Shuto Con is Lansing’s Annual Anime Convention, coming to the Lansing Center April 5th-7th, 2013. This convention will be a three day event held in Lansing, MI that focuses on Artists and the art of Interactive Cosplaying!

Lansing Center
333 E. Michigan Avenue
Lansing, MI 48933

Shuto Con means “Capital City” Convention, thus named for the city it is held in, Lansing, the great capital of our great state of Michigan!

Stefanie Shall, Chairwoman of Shuto Con, wanted the convention to be about the artist that struggles to get noticed, and the lone cosplayer that puts his/her heart and soul into becoming the character they worked so hard on making the costume for. For to long she had seen such great talents go to waste and in December ’09 she started planning the entity that is known as Shuto Con. She has been to many conventions in her day, still traveling around with her Plush Doll business “Otakumals”, and she wanted to highlight the two things she always found the most interesting and entertaining in the convention scene, Artists and Cosplayers.

Shuto Con’s first year had an unprecedented attendance of 1350 paid attendees over the course of the Friday and Saturday con dates. Due to our amazing first year success we were able add Sunday to our 2012 con schedule, and fully double our convention space by adding the Radisson into our lineup. The Radisson would not just serve as hotel rooms for attendees, but also as a secondary Main Events room and several gaming/video viewing rooms to run 24/7 during the entire weekend!

In March 2012 (Shuto Con’s second year) we nearly DOUBLED our attendance over the 3-day weekend, our official number of paid attendees over the weekend totaling 2475! Due to popular demand we were able to expand on our Friday night Dance/Rave by adding a second night (Saturday) as well as expanding on the hours it would run, and we were able to add a formal Masquerade Ball to appease attendees who wanted something a bit more formal to do at the con.

For 2013 we will be expanding into a bigger Exhibit Hall, and will be revamping our Interactive Cosplay system so a team of dedicated Interactive Cosplay judges will be roaming the halls over the entire weekend to make sure attendees desiring to be the King and Queen of Cosplay will get the attention they deserve! We will also be offering the VIP Badge system, and the Masquerade Ball due to popular demand! 2013, our third year, will definitely be quite the convention to remember!


Sumi-jaki is Shuto Con’s mascot. It can be seen on every bullet, and often appears randomly in random places! The name Sumi-jaki means “Ink Imp”.


Absolutely NO outside food and beverages. The convention hall has several great food choices, and we are around several great restaurants like the City Market which is less than a city block away! Check your swag bag for area food options (but you must eat it there).
Shuto Con officially ends at 6pm on Sunday. All attendees must evacuate the convention hall at this time so the convention hall staff can prepare for the next scheduled event.
No lewd outfits are allowed. All clothing must be street legal. No “naughty parts” may be exposed (and please don’t ask us to explain “naughty parts”). If staff deems your outfit inappropriate, you will be asked to change.
Children under 12 must be with an adult at all times.
Entrances/exits may not be blocked and the hallways must be clear. If you would like to take pictures of anyone, please try to do so out of the way of crowds.
No drugs and/or alcohol may be brought into the convention hall.
Our convention has a no-smoking policy. If you must smoke, please do so outside away from the convention hall.
TAKE A SHOWER EVERY DAY, fanboy/girl funk will not be tolerated.
Signs are OK to have at our convention, however they may not ask for money, sell anything, and/or ask for sexual services (which includes kisses, but hugs are OK).
If you are going to glomp someone, please do it gently. If you are going to touch someone cosplaying, please refer to our general cosplay rules.
No sleeping in the convention hall, that’s what hotel rooms are for. If you are caught sleeping in the convention hall you will be asked to return to your room.
No didgeridoos over 12ft (we don’t want a repeat of last time).
If security or a Shuto Con staff member asks you to do something (within reason) please do so.
Keep all activities in the convention hall within a PG-13 range. If you are in an 18+ event, go wild.
New rules may be added at any time, but will be finalized in the convention guide. All rules are subject to change. Everyone is expected to abide by our rules, failure to do so will get your badge revoked! If you have questions about any of our rules you may contact [email protected]


November/December Fundraiser – Sparrow Children’s Center Holiday Gift Packages

Our Shuto Con charity this year is the Sparrow Children’s Center in which we will be building a Manga Library for the children and teens staying there while they recover (more info on that can be read below). In addition to building the Manga Library, we also wanted to be able to provide all the children and teens staying at the hospital over the Holidays a nice little gift pack consisting of a sketchbook and drawing supplies like graphite pencils (drawing quality) and colored pencils and/or markers. This is where we need your help, loyal attendees of Shuto Con… Starting on Monday November 12th we will have information on our website and Facebook page explaining how you can donate funds that will all go towards the purchase of art supplies to give to the children and teens currently staying in the hospital over the holidays. After donations are collected and supplies are purchased, in mid-December we will then plan a trip to the hospital/Children’s Center in which we (the staff of Shuto Con and a few volunteers) will dress up in festive cosplay and deliver the gifts to everyone.

While we encourage you to give whatever you can afford, even if each one of our Facebook fans and website browsers only donated a dollar, we would have over $3000 that we could get art supplies with! All funds collected will go towards purchasing gift packages, and the more we raise, the better the gift packs will be! Please consider donating to our cause Nov 12th – Dec 3rd because Art is the greatest gift of all, and your donation would help make some children and teens very happy during the Holiday season!

*** Our fundraiser is now over, and we were able to raise $800 for the gift packs! Thanks to everyone who donated and/or helped spread the word! Art supplies will be purchased this week (first week of December) and will be delivered during the second week of December! ***

On-Going 2012/2013 Charity – Sparrow Children’s Center

With great pleasure I would like to announce our official community charity for Shuto Con 2013! This year we will be building a “Manga Library” for the Sparrow Children’s Center, located only blocks away from where we host Shuto Con every year!

From now until Shuto Con is over in April we will be collecting gently used manga that has a 13+ rating or lower to build a “Manga Library” for the children and teens to read while staying at Sparrow Hospital. Collection sites will be set up at every table we promote at during other conventions (like GoDaikoCon, Youmacon, AlmaCon, etc), and we will have a large collection bin at Shuto Con near our registration that you can place your gently used manga and artbooks/drawing books in. Once the collections are over, my staff and I will look through the donated manga to make sure they fit our standards (which guidelines for suitable content can be viewed on our website on our About page), and once the manga has been cataloged and alphabetized, we will build a 3-tiered maple bookshelf to house the manga on. Then following Shuto Con in mid-April we will have a small ceremony at the Children’s Center to officially set up the “Manga Library”, and also donate lots of art supplies so the children and teens can have something enriching to do while they recover!

In addition to building a “Manga Library”, we will also be hosting a fundraiser at the end of November/beginning of December to collect various art supplies to give to the children and teens staying at the Children’s Center during the holidays. We will be requesting new items such as drawing pads, drawing pencils, colored pencils, high quality markers, erasers, etc., to create small art care packages to be delivered by a staff member in Cosplay to each of the children and teens staying at the hospital.

I am personally very happy to be able to do this for the Children’s Center, as my daughter has been there at least twice in her lifetime so far, and each time she has been there we have been treated with the utmost dignity and respect. The staff at the Sparrow Children’s Center have always been more than willing to help my daughter in any way possible, and I believe it is time to give a little something back (especially to the teens staying there who often find themselves with little to do).

We thank everyone in advance for their support of our community charity this year!

The collection guidelines for Manga and Artbooks/Drawing Books is as follows:

Age range: E-T (Everyone – Teen 13+)
No nudity exposing genitalia or nipples (outlines of the figure are ok i.e Sailor Moon’s transformation)
No excessively foul language (one or two curse words are ok in 13+)
No excessive graphic violence or scenes depicting gore (nothing will be accepted that could be traumatizing to one staying at the hospital)
No overtly sexual/suggestive themes
No drug or alcohol references
If you would like to donate to the Children’s Center directly at any time during the year, please visit https://www.sparrow.org/donations/


2013 T-Shirt Design and Program Booklet Cover/Badge Art

From Sept 1st – Dec 1st, 2012 we will be running two contests open to all Artists of all artistic levels to design our 2013 Shuto Con T-Shirts and Program Booklet Cover Art/Badge Art. The winner of each of our contests will receive a free Shuto Con 2013 Artist Alley table (8ft table-clothed table) on April 5th-7th, 2013 and two 3-day membership badges. The artist will also get advertising for his/her website on our Artist Alley page and be given honorable mention at our opening/closing ceremonies. The winner of the T-Shirt contest will also receive a free Shuto Con 2013 shirt in their desired size. If an Artist already submitted payment to our Artist Alley they will receive a full refund for their table at the convention!


T-Shirt Art Contest: Shuto Con will be using BLACK t-shirts so designs must be able to translate well on a black background. Regarding ink colors, we plan to use White and True Red (C:0 M:100 Y:100 K:0). The submitted image should be no larger than 12” by 12” and must be at least 300DPI in CMYK format. We can only accept one file type, PDF files (and these files must be HIGH RESOLUTION), but we do ask that the original file be saved in .AI, .EPS, or .PSD format in case the printer needs them. We are looking for a “simple” (meaning not incredibly complex) design that is cute and will appeal to both our male and female attendees. All artwork must be sent to [email protected] to be considered. Please see below for more rules that are for both contests.


Program Booklet/Badge Art Contest: For this contest we are asking for Artists to portray Shuto Con in a fun and artistic way. The two main focuses of our convention are Artists and Interactive Cosplaying, and we would like for Artists to consider these focuses when creating their artwork. Full color submissions are encouraged, but our official colors are True Red (C:0 M:100 Y:100 K:0), Rich Black (C:40 M:40 Y:20 K:100), and White (C:0 M:0 Y:0 K:0). All artwork must be in JPG or PDF format, must be at least 8.5” x 11” in size, and must be at least 300dpi. Larger files will be accepted, but must not exceed 25 MB in size. All artwork must be sent to [email protected] to be considered. Please see below for more rules that are for both contests.


FOR BOTH CONTESTS: The submission(s) MUST include our mascot, Sumi-jaki, in an inventive and creative way. Some examples for including Sumi-jaki in your artwork are; your ORIGINAL(meaning never used before in another pubication) character holding Sumi-jaki as a doll, Sumi-jaki bouncing around an original character, or your original character cosplaying as Sumi-jaki. Sumi-jaki’s image may only be used just as it is pictured (for a 3-dimensional reference, Sumi-jaki is round but squishy like a blob or pillow, has cone like curved “devil” horns, and always sticks out his red tongue with a line down the middle of it). No additional appendages or facial expressions may be added to Sumi-jaki. Sumi-jaki’s reference image may be borrowed from our website. Sumi-jaki may not be used in anything other than these contests unless you have Stefanie Shall’s written consent.

Submissions are limited to three pieces of artwork per person/per contest.

Only ORIGINALcharacters/drawings will be accepted. Please do not submit artwork of copywritten characters, characters in cosplay from another Anime/Manga/Game, characters already used in previous Shuto Con designs (except for Sumi-jaki), or characters you have already published. If you submit a character to us that has already been published, even if the colors have been changed or it has other differences, you will be instantly disqualified from BOTH contests.

The winners will be determined by the Shuto Con Officer staff at their December/January monthly meeting. A winner will be announced by the end of December or beginning of January depending on the meeting.

By submitting your artwork to our contests you are allowing Shuto Con and Shuto Events LLC to use your Artwork in any way they see fit. This includes but is not limited to promo material, media use, banners, etc.


Let your creativity flow for our “Anime in Chalk” Summer Contest where YOU can win a VIP Membership Badge for 1st place, or a regular Membership Badge for 2nd place! We want to see your best Anime/Manga/Japanese/Gaming/Pop Culture Reference in drawn in chalk, and all levels of artistic abilities are welcome! The rules are simple, draw a picture with washable sidewalk chalk(no other medium will be accepted like chalk pastels or charcoal) somewhere on the ground (sidewalk, pavement, whatever) and take a picture of it! The drawing MUST include your printed name, AND “Shuto Con – Anime in Chalk Contest” written below it (so counterfeit drawings can’t be submitted). Only one submission per person please. Drawings can be submitted in JPG format no more than 2MB in size to [email protected] with the title “Anime in Chalk Contest”. All submissions will be posted on our Facebook page as they come in, so be sure to include your name when submitting! Contest ends on August 31st, winners will be contacted on Sept 7th! Good luck to all, we can’t WAIT to see your drawings!!