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Here is a taste of things to expect in 2015! Our 2015 schedule has been released!


Shuto Con Maid & Butler Cafe - Saturday Noon-8:00 PM and Sunday Noon-4:00 PM

Shuto Con is pleased to bring the Maid & Butler Café back for a second year! Our Café will run for 8 hours on Saturday and 4 hours on Sunday. It will be limited to 30 people per hour (attendees will enter at the top of the hour and spend roughly 40 minutes enjoying the Cafe). The cost to attend the Maid Cafe will be $8 and will include a light dessert, a beverage, and entertainment. Space is limited, so attendees are encouraged to line up early to secure a reservation.



Want a good reason to stay for Sunday at Shuto con? How about the Ultra Super Happy Envelope Prize Game! This year we have really made the grand prize round super awesome. If you never been to the Ultra Super Happy Envelope Prize Game this is how it works.

Tickets are given at the event entrance. VIP badge holders get 2 tickets. We will call contestants up on stage by random ticket numbers. Once on stage we will have 30 envelopes with prizes, all numbered 1-30. The contestant picks a number and gets the prize in the envelope. Once the envelope has been picked it is out of play till the next round. There will be 2 rounds with a final round following round 2. During rounds one and two, there will be 5 envelopes containing passes to the Final round. These passes will be divided between rounds one and two with 2 passes in round 1 and 3 passes in round 2. Those contestants who select these envelopes go on to the final round for the grand prizes. The order of tickets found will be the order the contestants pick in the final round. The Final round will have 5 envelops of best prizes. One envelope will contain the grand prize.

Ok so you might say whats so awesome about the prizes this year? We have all our donated prizes from FUNimation and our friends in our artist alley/dealer room, as well as some sweet added prizes to our grand prizes. This years Grand Prizes are as follows.

5: 1 VIP badge of your choice (Random Battle Con 2015 or Shuto con 2016)
4: 1 New Nintendo 3DS
3: 1 New Nintendo 3DS bundle w/ Super Smash Bros and Zelda- Majora's Mask 
2: 1 PS4 System (Last year was a WiiU)
1: (GRAND PRIZE) 1 Suite room at the Radisson Hotel for Friday and Saturday night, and 2 VIP badges at your choice of Random Battle Con 2015 or Shuto con 2016. 

Now who wouldn't want to win that just for walking in the room?  The Ultra Super Happy Envelope Prize Game is on Sunday at 3 pm right before closing ceremonies. Hope to see you there, and may the odds be ever in your favor!


Shuto Con Dodge Ball League Season 4 --- Sunday 11am - 1pm, signups start at 10am

Shuto con will have its fourth annual plushie dodgeball games this year, featuring Sumi-jaki plush doll "dodgeballs". Use the Facebook group to discuss the league, find members for your team (you will need 4), and help other people find teams. Rules will be posted here and on the Facebook SDL page. Tournament times will be posted closer to the con. Participants should wear appropriate footwear when playing. Have fun and DODGE!!




Shuto Con Pokemon Tournament --- Saturday 10am -3pm, Finals 6pm-8pm

Attention Pokemon Trainers! There have been so many participants in recent years that we have had to restructure our Pokemon challenge. This year’s Shuto Con Pokemon challenge has been transformed into a traditional tournament format! Don’t fear though, the Interactive Pokemon battling of past years will be back better than ever before!

Using the new Omega Ruby / Alpha Sapphire games, trainers will take part in bring-6-choose-3 1v1 flat battles. The tournament will be run in a Swiss format, meaning that everyone will get to battle in every round of the tournament until the top cut of trainers is taken. The top cut will then compete in a classic elimination tournament to determine the 2015 champion of Shuto Con! More information, official rules, and times will be posted to our Facebook page, Program Guide, and/or on our Forum soon!



Cosplay Competition --- Saturday 4pm-6pm

You've been working hard drafting, sewing, and crafting the most amazing cosplay, so dazzle the audience onstage and enter the cosplay competition! Enter to win for trophies and glory or attend as a viewer to see Shuto Con's finest talent.


...And more events at the con!



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