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Our schedule is now live (please note it is subject to change before the convention)!


Cosplay Events --- All Weekend

2018 Cosplay Competition Application

2018 Cosplay Skit Application

2018 Interactive Cosplay Competition Application

2018 Dance Group Application

You've been working hard drafting, sewing, and crafting the most amazing cosplay, so dazzle the audience onstage and enter the cosplay competition! Enter to win for trophies and glory or attend as a viewer to see Shuto Con's finest talent.


Clara Cow's Cosplay Cup and Cosplay Competition --- Saturday 5pm - 7pm

This year Shuto Con will be the qualifier host for the US team for Clara Cow's Cosplay Cup! In addition to our regular Shuto Con Cosplay Competition (consisting of single walk-ons and skit performances), we will also be including duo cosplay performances into our competition, in which the winning duo will receive round trip airfare to compete at the international competition in the Netherlands! More details to follow, but for rules regarding the competition so you can begin to prepare please visit!

Many thanks to Morgan Kollin of Youmacon/Midwest Media Expo for helping us host/promote CCCC at our convention, and many thanks to Animecon for working with us to bring the US qualifier to the Midwest! We are incredibly honored to be able to have this opportunity!



Clara Cow's Cosplay Cup Application




Want a good reason to stay for Sunday at Shuto con? How about the Spooky Magical Fantastic Ultra Amazing Super Happy Envelope Prize Game! This year we have really made the grand prize round super awesome. If you never been to the Super Happy Envelope Prize Game this is how it works:

Tickets are given at the event entrance. VIP badge holders get 2 tickets, regular badge holders 1. We will call contestants up on stage by random ticket numbers. Once on stage we will have 30 envelopes with prizes, all numbered 1-30. The contestant picks a number and gets the prize in the envelope. Once the envelope has been picked it is out of play till the next round. There will be 2 rounds with a final round following round 2. During rounds one and two, there will be 5 envelopes containing passes to the Final round. These passes will be divided between rounds one and two with 2 passes in round 1 and 3 passes in round 2. Those contestants who select these envelopes go on to the final round for the grand prizes. The order of tickets found will be the order the contestants pick in the final round. The Final round will have 5 envelops of best prizes. One envelope will contain the grand prize.


POKEMON LEAGUE --- Saturday/Sunday

Alola trainers! Be sure to bring your Pokemon Sun and Moon games so that you can participate in this year’s Shuto Con Pokemon Tournament! This year’s tournament will be played with Battle Tree singles rules. This means a bring 6 use 3 flat battle with special Pokemon, same Pokemon, and same Items banned. The tournaments will have a swiss format, meaning that everyone will get to play in all rounds. Please refer to the schedule for swiss tournament times. A top cut of trainers from each tournament will advance to the championship tournament, held Sunday from 1:00 to 3:00 PM in the Workshop room. 


Attention Trainers! This is an all-ages event open to anyone with the Pokemon GO app. Similar to the Bug Catching Contest in Pokemon Gold and Silver, the goal is to catch the largest Pokemon possible. This will be a Shuto Con Saturday only event, with the winner being announced at 8 PM. Full rules and entry forms can be found in the gaming room.


Photoshoots --- All Weekend

Our 2018 photoshoot schedule will begin to be setup in November 2017! You will be able to RSVP to select photoshoots on our Shuto Con Photoshoot Facebook page when they open up (you can see 2017 photoshoots on there now)! Photoshoots are hosted by our attendees only, and are not ran by staffers. If you would like a certain photoshoot to appear on our photoshoot list this year you must suggest it on our group.


Charity Ball --- Friday 7pm - 9pm

We will once again be hosting a Charity Ball this year, our charity being EVE (End Violent Encounters). The Ball is a formal event, masks are encouraged by not required. Formal cosplay is ok. A badge must be worn and visible for the Ball. Since it is a Charity Ball, we do ask that attendees going to the ball donate cash at the door, for any amount they desire (we will not be able to accept non-perishable goods and/or sundries at the event).

We will also have a Silent Auction throughout the ball, in which all proceeds will be donated to EVE.

You Bred Raptors? will be doing their only performance at the Ball during the first hour, and Professor Shyguy will be closing out the second half!



...And more events at the con!



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