Shuto Con - “It's all about U!”

...and it IS all about you! Shuto Con is Lansing's Annual Anime Convention, happening at the Lansing Center and Radisson Hotel on March 17th-19th, 2017. Our convention is a three day event held in Lansing, MI that is going on its 7th action packed year! While Shuto Con has lots of great programming and panels to offer our attendees, our major focus is on our wonderful Artists and the art of Interactive Cosplaying!

Starting Friday morning at the Lansing Center and Radisson Hotel Lansing our convention will run from 9AM until 6PM Sunday afternoon. We will have several large rooms for panels, over 50 unique artists as well as several dealers to get your latest anime goodies from, anime viewing rooms, a huge video game room open 24 hours during the entire convention, a table top gaming room, special guests, and much more!

Shuto Con also hopes to give you a truly unique experience by participating in our “Interactive Cosplay” experience. We highly encourage ALL our attendees to dress up as their favorite characters and act like them during the convention. A mock battle arena will be staged where you can “fight” it out with other cosplayers, or even take “bets” on who will win! Special points will be given out to those that participate the most, and at Closing Ceremonies on Sunday afternoon we will announce the Shuto Con “King and Queen of Cosplayers”! If you do not wish to participate, but would still like to capture those fond memories, we ask that your bring your cameras and/or video recorders and witness a viral hit in the making! For more information and rules on this event please visit the Interactive Cosplay page.

Also, be sure to check out our Facebook and Twitter pages! Our Facebook page is updated almost daily with special events around Lansing, and will occasionally have promo codes to get good deals on your badges!



May 18th, 2016 - Our hotel block will open up on June 6th! Mark your calendars!

May 4th, 2016 - I am super excited to announce one of our Guest Artists this year, Loverofpiggies/Crayon Queen! Her most recognized works are the webcomics 'Aftertale', 'Christmas Party AU (Otherwise known as CPAU)' and 'AskErrorSans', all which are hosted on her tumblr,, and are considered fancomics of the popular video game, Undertale!

May 3rd, 2016 - Welcome to Shuto Con's 2017 convention year! Our website has been updated to reflect all new 2017 content, including our theme for this year - MAGICAL GIRLS! Our first round of guests include Shuto Con fan favorite Monica Rial, and Shuto Con newcomers Erica Mendez, Carrie Keranen, and Cassandra Lee Morris. We are welcoming back Ben Briggs! Registration is also now open, with Early Bird specials lasting until the end of May!

April 7th, 2016 - Thanks for another great year everyone! Our total attendance for 2016 was 6240 (only a few less than last year)! Our 2017 convention will be during the weekend of March 17th-19th, 2017, and we hope to open up our early bird registration around the first of May! More details will be released soon!

March 15th, 2016 - Shuto Con is this weekend! Be sure to follow our Facebook page for updates on events during the con and badge availability!

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Shuto Con is now an official “Safe Space”, free from bullying and intolerance!