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Applications for our 2017 convention will open on July 1st, 2016 at 6pm EST. For your REVIEW ONLY, please download our 2017 Dealers Alley Contract / Map and look over our new contract for updated rules/requirements. A link for your submissions will open on this page on July 1st at 6pm, and Dealers will have 24 hours to submit their applications to me.

Before you consider applying for our convention this year, I would like to ask that you take a few moments out of your day to review our contract, as some things have changed this year, most notably objects in our banned items category.

Regarding signing up/submitting, I will have a Google Document posted on our website at 6pm EST on July 1st for you to submit to.  I will accept Dealers submissions for 24 hours, then I will go through them the during the weekend.  This year my submission process is FCFS/Juried, meaning I will approve Dealers that I think would be a good match for our convention as they submit first, but applications won't necessarily be approved if you are the first to submit (I will need to review them first).  Since I am using Google Documents this year for submissions, please be aware that JUST LIKE EMAIL, there is a chance for error for your application to get lost.  After you fill out the application and submit it, you should get a page saying that your application was submitted for review (if you do not, fill it out again and resubmit), but this is NOT a guarantee that your application will be received, and if something happens on either end, the confirmation will not serve as a "receipt" of sorts.  I trust Google Documents to have little to no error for the submission process as I have been using it for years for other things, but please be understanding if it does happen.

If you have any questions before submissions open on the 1st, please email me at .



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