Dealers alley

Our Dealers Alley opens every year on July 1st, and we encourage potential Dealers to mark that date on their calendars so they can apply before the Alley fills up (which historically has been in about 3-5 days).

To begin the application process please download our Dealers Alley Contract for available table/booth rates and updated information/rules and a PDF of our 2016 layout. Contracts will need to be filled out completely and submitted to in PDF form when the Dealer is applying in order to be considered.

When submitting your application, the order of things should be as follows:

  1. Submit your completed PDF contract (page 5 only) on or after July 1st. Please include in the email a website I can view your sellable merchandise at. Dealers will get an auto reply to their email acknowledging that their submission has been received.
  2. Wait for approval/rejection. Approvals/Rejects will be received within 24-48 hours.
  3. When approved you will be given up to one week to submit your payment for your booth(s).
  4. When payment is received, you will be able to select your desired space(s) on our map. Special requests will be taken into consideration.



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