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Conchair - Stefanie Shall

Live Events/Co-Chair - Joe Shall

Con Ops/Vice-Chair - Will Burgess

Registration - Matt Stoloff

Guest Relations - Michael Prainito

Artist Alley - Stefanie Shall

Dealers Alley - Stefanie Shall

Panels - Michelle White

Volunteer Coordinator - Katie Bileth

Cosplay - Joe Byron

Programming - Jacob Sundburg

Gaming - Dan Losh & Brad White

Security - Will Burgess

Press Relations - Raeleen Hapeman*

Advertising/Sponsorship - Stefanie Shall

Maid Cafe - Victoria Kerr

Pokemon Tournament - Elmo Harris


* - Press Passes: If you are inquiring about obtaining a press pass, please be aware that we only have a very limited amount to give away, and that certain credentials must be met to be able to obtain one. In order to be considered for a press pass you must meet the following requirements:

If you are a VLOGER: Your video subscription channel must have at least 1000 subscribers. You must also Vlog about topics relevant to Anime/Gaming/Comics/Pop Culture.

If you are a PHOTOGRAPHER: Your portfolio/website must have a good representation of convention photograpy, and a strong following (“Likes” or “Followers”) is nessisary.

If you are a REPORTER (TV or Paper): You must be a member of a Michigan based news/publishing company, or a member of a Michigan based college campus.

Press passes will be assigned during the last 3 months before the convention.

2015 Press Pass Application FOrm


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