Our schedule is now live (please note it is subject to change before the convention)!

Shuto Con is Lansing's Annual Anime Convention, happening at the Lansing Center and Radisson Hotel on March 23rd-25th, 2018. Our convention is a three day event held in Lansing, MI that is going on its 7th action packed year! While Shuto Con has lots of great programming and panels to offer our attendees, our major focus is on our wonderful Artists and the art of Interactive Cosplaying!

Lansing Center
333 E. Michigan Avenue
Lansing, MI  48933



Here is our2018 map to see what we have to offer this year! Some things to note:

  • Registration is at the Radisson. All attendees will need to pick up their badges on the 2nd floor in our new location, as they will not be allowed in the Lansing Center without a badge. If you park under the Lansing Center, you will be asked to use the skywalk stairwell to go to the Radisson to pick up your badges, as you will not be able to cut through. Signs will be posted, but please make yourselves aware of this policy. To cut down on Friday morning badge pickup times we will be offering Thursday night badge pickup (pre-reg only, no sales).
  • The Workshop room will be open on Saturday starting at around 2pm and all Sunday. On Friday Registration will be expanded to all three ballrooms to accomodate our attendees.
  • Gaming is at the Lansing Center and will run 24 hours. Tabletop will have set hours, but we are working to make this 24 hours.
  • Our Quiet Room will be open to attendees wishing to have a little quiet time away from the convention. Attendees of all ages will be allowed in this room, and Mothers that are nursing are encouraged to take advantage of this quiet space (Mothers are welcome to nurse anywhere they desire at Shuto Con, but this room is welcoming for those that seek a bit of privacy and quiet). Seating is limited.
  • Cosplay judging will take place over Friday and Saturday in Cosplay Ops/the Judging Room.
  • Autographs will be in the Gaming Room, and we will have longer lines to accomodate more autograph signings.


Shuto Con means “Capital City” Convention, thus named for the city it is held in, Lansing, the great capital of our great state of Michigan!

Stefanie Shall, Chairwoman of Shuto Con, wanted the convention to be about the artist that struggles to get noticed, and the lone cosplayer that puts his/her heart and soul into becoming the character they worked so hard on making the costume for. For to long she had seen such great talents go to waste and in December '09 she started planning the entity that is known as Shuto Con. She has been to many conventions in her day, still traveling around with her Plush Doll business “Otakumals", and she wanted to highlight the two things she always found the most interesting and entertaining in the convention scene, Artists and Cosplayers.

Yearly Attendance Numbers:

March 2011 - 1,350 paid attendees (two day convention)!

March 2012 - 2,475 paid attendees (moved to a three day convention)!

In April 2013 - 4,275 paid attendees! We also had an amazing Dragon Ball Z reunion!

In April 2014 - 5,445 paid attendees!

March 2015 - 6,263 paid attendees! Our reunion for this year was Black Butler!

March 2016 - 6,240 paid attendees!

March 2017 - 6,387 paid attendees! Our theme this year was Magical Girls!

We hope to have 2018 our biggest year yet!




Sumi-jaki is Shuto Con's mascot. It can be seen on every bullet, and often appears randomly in random places! The name Sumi-jaki means "Ink Imp".



Rules for the Interactive Cosplay experience (and general cosplaying rules) are can be downloaded for your reference here.

  • Since Shuto Con is now a private convention, Badges must be worn at all times, no exceptions. Those seen without Badges will be asked to purchase one at Registration or will be asked to remove themselves from the convention floors(s) so they can retrieve their purchased Badges from their rooms/cars/etc. New badges will not be given out to replace lost badges, so please keep good track of your badges and do not share them with others!

  • Attendees caught trying to sneak others into the convention that do not have a Badge will have their own Badge revoked. “Ghosters” will not be tolerated, so please support the convention by buying a Badge.

  • Absolutely NO outside food and beverages. The convention hall/hotel has several great food choices, and we are around several great restaurants like the City Market which is less than a city block away!

  • Shuto Con officially starts at 9am Friday morning and ends at 6pm Sunday afternoon. All attendees must leave the convention hall at this time so the convention hall staff can prepare for Monday's scheduled events.

  • No lewd outfits are allowed. All clothing must be street legal. No “naughty parts” may be exposed (and please don't ask us to explain “naughty parts”). If staff deems your outfit inappropriate, you will be asked to change. When at the Radisson on the 1st floor, shirts must be worn over bare chested cosplays (meaning no exposed nipples) and shoes must be worn as per hotel rules.
  • Children under 12 must be with an adult at all times, no exceptions.
  • Entrances/exits may not be blocked and the hallways must be clear. If you would like to take pictures of anyone, please do so out of the way of crowds.
  • No loitering in the narrow hallways of the hotel, traffic must remain flowing. We would suggest if you would like to hang out with a group of your friends that you do it in the larger common areas of the Lansing Center.

  • No drugs and/or alcohol may be brought into the convention hall or common areas of the hotel. If you are 21+ and are going to drink, we ask that you keep the alcohol at the hotel's bar or confined your rooms. Any 21+ individuals that are overly intoxicated will be escorted to their rooms and asked to remain there for the rest of the day, or if they do not have a room at the hotel will be asked to leave the convention (if you refuse to go to your room or leave the convention your badge will be revoked and you will be escorted out by the police). If you are caught intoxicated and you are underage, your badge will be revoked, police will be notified, and you will be asked to leave our convention.

  • Our convention has a no-smoking policy (cigarettes, e-cigs, pipes, vaporizers, etc). If you must smoke, please do so outside away from the convention hall/hotel.

  • TAKE A SHOWER EVERY DAY! Con funk will not be tolerated, and you will be asked to remove yourself from the public until the problem is resolved. Also please wash your hands frequently to help prevent the spread of germs.

  • Signs are OK to have at our convention, however they may not ask for money, sell anything, and/or ask for sexual services (which includes kisses, but hugs are OK).

  • If you are going to “glomp” someone, please do it gently (and please only do it to those you know). If you are going to touch someone cosplaying, please refer to our General/Interactive Cosplay rules.

  • No sleeping in the convention hall or common areas of the hotel, that's what hotel rooms are for. If you are caught sleeping in the convention hall or hotel common areas you will be asked to return to your room (or leave if you don't have a room).

  • No didgeridoos over 12ft (fortunately we haven’t had to deal with naughty gods for awhile, and we would like to keep it that way).

  • If security or a Shuto Con staff member asks you to do something (within reason) please do so.

  • Keep all activities in the convention hall within a PG-13 range. If you are in an 18+ event, go wild (but still please still be respectful).


General / Interactive Cosplay Rules

There is now a sign-up to join the Interactive Cosplay Competition. Sign-up will be at Cosplay Ops at the Radisson. After you have successfully entered the Interactive Cosplay Competition, you will receive a sticker with an assigned number to wear on the front of your badge. Make sure the number is shown. This will help the judges and others know who is in the competition. If your sticker is somehow lost, a new one can be issued at Cosplay Ops.

  • Badges must be worn and must stay visible at all times, no exceptions. You may remove/hide your badge temporarily for photo ops, but they must be visible for the rest of the time.

  • REMEMBER, COSPLAY IS NOT CONSENT! No touching other attendees/cosplayers at any time unless they give you permission. If they do, keep touches and glomps to a friendly light touch.

  • Players who are interactively participating in the Interactive Cosplay experience must remain respectful of others around them while in character. If another attendee does not want to interact with you, please move on. Also keep in mind being in character does not give you the right / an excuse to be disrespectful.

  • No running in the convention hall/hotel, boo-boos hurt!

  • No overly aggressive behaviors.

  • Volume control may become enforced if in excess. In short, no screaming.

  • All "battles" must take place in the arena. Fighting with fists/weapons outside the Battle Arena will get your badge revoked. Poses with clashing weapons for pictures are OK.

  • No damaging other cosplayer’s outfits, they put a lot of work, money, and time into them!

  • No projectiles of any kind (arrows, darts, foam, water, paper, silly string, plastic, food, metal, etc).

  • Wheeled props like rollerskates, Heelys, hooverboards, and skateboards may only be used for photo ops.

  • Shoes must be worn at all times, you must wear at least flip-flops or invisible soles when walking around the convention center/hotel. No ice skates (even with guards on them) may be brought into the convention hall/hotel (these fall into the live steel category and will be considered weapons).

  • Keep profanity to a minimum, there are children walking around. Absolutely no racist/sexist/intolerant slurs may be used at any time, regardless of who your character is.

  • No political promotion/defamation of any candidate, of any party. This includes pandering, soliciting, and cosplaying.

  • When interacting with others, make sure your actions are PG-13 during the day. When our night events happen, actions may be bumped up to an R rating (but still, keep it tasteful and respectful).

  • No lewd/inappropriate costumes are allowed. All costumes and outfits must be street legal and family friendly (during the day). It is up to the convention staff to deem what is and is not considered lewd/inappropriate, and if your outfit is found to be unsuitable for the con floor, you will be asked to change.

  • All body paint MUST be sealed/dry to the touch. We also request that if you have any sort of makeup on your hands that do not touch Artist’s and Dealer’s displays out of respect for their products.

  • No more than 80% of your costume may be made of real wood. Sorry Wooden Bender and Groot cosplayers!

  • Excessive harassing/pestering towards other attendees will not be tolerated. If interactions become too excessive, the judges will have a right to remove you from the competition (and staff will have the right to revoke your badge if they deem it necessary). The same will apply if harassment/pestering is aimed towards Shuto Con staff members and crew members.

    - No live steel weapons.
    - No real guns.
    - No sharp or blunt metal objects (bats/crowbars/tools/etc).
    - All realistic weapons must be peace-bonded, must have an orange safety tip, may not have an entry point of any kind, and may not contain any sharp (injury causing) edges/points.
    - No 3D printed weapons that look like realistic weapons (guns/knives/swords/etc).
    - All prop weapons must be checked in at Security (at the Lansing Center in the “Coat Room”).

In addition to our General Rules we ask that everyone remain constantly aware that our convention is now a Safe Space, and we absolutely WILL NOT tolerate any harassment and/or bullying of any kind. We ask that our attendees check all negativity and hate at the door and be respectful of all attendees of ALL walks of life at all times. We understand that not every one may like a certain type of fandom, but we do want everyone to be respectful of their choices and their love of said fandom. For more info on our Safe Space initiative please visit http://www.shutocon.com/safespace.html

New rules may be added at any time, but will be finalized in the convention guide. All rules are subject to change. Everyone is expected to abide by our rules, failure to do so will get your badge revoked! If you have questions about any of our rules you may contact info@shutocon.com.



Need some information on parking around the Lansing Center / Radisson? Check out this link (some prices and availability are subject to change).


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Shuto Con is now an official “Safe Space”, free from bullying and intolerance!