Our 2015 schedule has been released!

Shuto Con is Lansing's Annual Anime Convention, coming to the Lansing Center March 20th-22nd, 2015. This convention will be a three day event held in Lansing, MI that focuses on Artists and the art of Interactive Cosplaying!

Lansing Center
333 E. Michigan Avenue
Lansing, MI  48933




Shuto Con means “Capital City” Convention, thus named for the city it is held in, Lansing, the great capital of our great state of Michigan!

Stefanie Shall, Chairwoman of Shuto Con, wanted the convention to be about the artist that struggles to get noticed, and the lone cosplayer that puts his/her heart and soul into becoming the character they worked so hard on making the costume for. For to long she had seen such great talents go to waste and in December '09 she started planning the entity that is known as Shuto Con. She has been to many conventions in her day, still traveling around with her Plush Doll business “Otakumals", and she wanted to highlight the two things she always found the most interesting and entertaining in the convention scene, Artists and Cosplayers.

Shuto Con's first year had an unprecedented attendance of 1350 paid attendees over the course of the Friday and Saturday con dates. Due to our amazing first year success we were able add Sunday to our 2012 con schedule, and fully double our convention space by adding the Radisson into our lineup. The Radisson would not just serve as hotel rooms for attendees, but also as a secondary Main Events room and several gaming/video viewing rooms to run 24/7 during the entire weekend!

In March 2012 (Shuto Con's second year) we nearly DOUBLED our attendance over the 3-day weekend, our official number of paid attendees over the weekend totaling 2475! Due to popular demand we were able to expand on our Friday night Dance/Rave by adding a second night (Saturday) as well as expanding on the hours it would run, and we were able to add a formal Masquerade Ball to appease attendees who wanted something a bit more formal to do at the con.

In April 2013 (Shuto Con's third year) we almost doubled our numbers again, our official number of paid attendees being 4,275 over the course of the 3-day weekend.

In April 2014 (Shuto Con's fourth year) we came close to our attendance cap at 5,445 paid attendees (our cap was 7k), not counting warm bodies, Artists, Dealers, Staff, or guests. The hallways were packed, and we believe if we could have been able to count non-paid attendees we would have been around at 6k.

For 2015 we hope to expand into a third additional Exhibit Hall (this is currently pending), we will have bigger panel rooms to accomodate more chairs, we will be modifying our 24 hour gaming room to be able to accomodate more of the things our attendees love, and we will be working even harder on our Interactive Cosplay system!




Sumi-jaki is Shuto Con's mascot. It can be seen on every bullet, and often appears randomly in random places! The name Sumi-jaki means "Ink Imp".



  • Badges must be worn at all times, no exceptions. Those seen without Badges will be asked to purchase one at Registration or will be asked to retrieve their Badges from their rooms/cars/etc.
  • Absolutely NO outside food and beverages. The convention hall/hotel has several great food choices, and we are around several great restaurants like the City Market which is less than a city block away! Check your goodie bag for area food options (but you must eat it there).
  • Shuto Con officially starts at 9am Friday morning and ends at 6pm Sunday afternoon. All attendees must evacuate the convention hall at this time so the convention hall staff can prepare for Monday's scheduled events.
  • No lewd outfits are allowed. All clothing must be street legal. No “naughty parts” may be exposed (and please don't ask us to explain “naughty parts”). If staff deems your outfit inappropriate, you will be asked to change. When at the Radisson on the 1st floor, shirts must be worn over bare chested cosplays (meaning no exposed nipples) and shoes must be worn as per hotel rules.
  • Children under 12 must be with an adult at all times, no exceptions.
  • Entrances/exits may not be blocked and the hallways must be clear. If you would like to take pictures of anyone, please try to do so out of the way of crowds.
  • No loitering in the narrow hallways of the hotel, traffic must remain flowing. We would suggest if you would like to hang out with a group of your friends that you do it in the larger common areas of the Lansing Center.
  • No drugs and/or alcohol may be brought into the convention hall. No drugs/alcohol may be brought into the common areas of the hotel.
  • If you are 21+ and are going to drink, we ask that you keep the alcohol at the hotel's bar or confined your rooms. Any 21+ individuals that are overly intoxicated will be escorted to their rooms and asked to remain there for the rest of the day, or if they do not have a room at the hotel will be asked to leave the convention (if you refuse to go to your room or leave the convention your badge will be revoked and you will be escorted out by the police). If you are caught intoxicated and you are underage, your badge will be revoked, police will be notified, and you will be asked to leave our convention.
  • Our convention has a no-smoking policy (cigarettes, e-cigs, pipes, vaporizers, etc). If you must smoke, please do so outside away from the convention hall/hotel.
  • TAKE A SHOWER EVERY DAY, fanboy/girl funk will not be tolerated, and you will be asked to remove yourself from the public until the problem is resolved.
  • Signs are OK to have at our convention, however they may not ask for money, sell anything, and/or ask for sexual services (which includes kisses, but hugs are OK).
  • If you are going to glomp someone, please do it gently. If you are going to touch someone cosplaying, please refer to our General/Interactive Cosplay rules.
  • No sleeping in the convention hall or common areas of the hotel, that's what hotel rooms are for. If you are caught sleeping in the convention hall or hotel common areas you will be asked to return to your room (or leave if you don't have a room).
  • No didgeridoos over 12ft (we don't want a repeat of last time).
  • If security or a Shuto Con staff member asks you to do something (within reason) please do so.
  • Keep all activities in the convention hall within a PG-13 range. If you are in an 18+ event, go wild (but still please still be respectful).

In addition to our General Rules we ask that everyone remain constantly aware that our convention is now a Safe Space, and we absolutely WILL NOT tolerate any harassment and/or bullying of any kind. We ask that our attendees check all negativity and hate at the door and be respectful of all attendees of ALL walks of life at all times. We understand that not every one may like a certain type of fandom, but we do want everyone to be respectful of their choices and their love of said fandom. For more info on our Safe Space initiative please visit http://www.shutocon.com/safespace.html

Rules for the Interactive Cosplay experience (and general cosplaying rules) are can be downloaded here.

New rules may be added at any time, but will be finalized in the convention guide. All rules are subject to change. Everyone is expected to abide by our rules, failure to do so will get your badge revoked! If you have questions about any of our rules you may contact info@shutocon.com.



Need some information on parking around the Lansing Center / Radisson? Check out this link (some prices and availability are subject to change).


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Shuto Con is now an official “Safe Space”, free from bullying and intolerance!